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About Frank Ruiz

Frank Ruiz

Top Real Estate Agent in Playa del Carmen Frank Ruiz relocated to Playa del Carmen over 23 years ago and began working in new construction. “I knew from that moment on that I wanted to be in the real estate business.” He was one of the first ones to get license and was quickly recruited by one of the most prestigious agencies in that time, Riviera Realtors. They saw potential in me and brought me on as an assistant. They worked with me on a daily basis and were incredibly generous with their time, giving me advice not only about real estate transactions, but about building client relationships as well. That’s a lesson they really instilled in me; real estate is not just about making a sale it’s about building relationships. They were instrumental in making me the REALTOR® I am today.”
Now after many years of hard work he is the owner of Sunny Homes® as master broker for major developers and also he owns the Coldwell Banker Franchise in Playa del Carmen
Frank’s background in new construction has been a tremendous advantage to his clients. “I was onsite for a multi-million dollar project from the moment the first hole was dug to the final C.O. So I really learned the ins and- outs of how a building was constructed. I work with dozens of investors on a daily basis and have been fortunate to build strong relationships with them. I’m truly devoted to their success. I start my day at 7 am looking for different investment opportunities that will work for my clients.”

Frank’s no deal is too small, no deal is too big’ philosophy has also served him well. “I believe that every client deserves the same level of service, whether it’s a $300,000 condo or a luxury property. Although I work primarily as a buyers agent, I still take on a lot of sellers as clients. Not only do buyers become sellers, but I think working with buyers actually gives me an advantage as a listing agent. Working on a day-to-day basis with buyers, I get to listen to what they’re actually saying when they view a home and see first-hand what they’re looking for. It really has been an incredible education.” Continuing to educate himself is a top priority for Frank. “I learned early on to ask myself this question: what are you doing today that is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?” There’s no such thing in this business as a ‘know it all.’ I know what I know to this date, but real estate changes on a daily basis. I’m in this for the long haul, so I do everything I can to make sure that I always stay ahead of the curve.”

With an unbelievable 198 transactions in 2018, it is no surprise surprise that Sunny Homes’ remarkably fast rise earned them a nomination for ‘Top 10 under 10’ in 2018. Not settling, Frank is determined to beat that figure in 2018. Those who know him best believe his honesty, strong sense of ethics and boundless energy are what have really set him apart in the industry. “People always tell me how amazed they are that I’m able to stay so energized with the amount of business I do. But when you have a passion for what you do and a desire to help your clients succeed, it really doesn’t feel like work.”
In addition to all of this, Frank is a proud member of the 3 most important real estate associations in the riviera maya AMPI, AMII & CANACO,

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